Mt Fuji Lake Saiko #2 - Tapestry

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Mt Fuji Lake Saiko metal print by Lokhilesh Takoor.  

"Life can only be understood backwords; but it must be lived forwards" so is the saying. A reflection of the perfect Mt Fuji in the waters before me. Only the colours of winter being captured through my lens, while the chilly winds of winter travel past and go into the unknown blue sky.

The glory and the virtue in this print is perfect for your home as a wall decor.

We have three different sizes for these lightweight microfiber tapestries, on which our incredible artwork has been printed on. This beautiful art piece with the combination of nature that will relax your mind and soul. It will add positive vibes to your house. You just need to place an order from beach samurai. After delivery just open the box and enhance your house decor with this mind blowing product. It will be an ideal product for your house and for gifting to your friends and family. You don’t have to think about the quality. We deliver high quality products to our customers. Even cleanliness of the product is easy, you just need a dry cloth. After cleaning your product will look like a new one. This is available in three different sizes: 50 inches x 61 inches, 68 inches x 80 inches and 88 inches x 104 inches. You can choose according to your requirements.