Disturbed Water In Colour - Acrylic Print

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Disturbed Water In Colour metal print by Lokhilesh Takoor.  

Beyond the shores of Mauritius, beyond the horizon. I have now come face to face with a dream I had once, however there still lies mountain ranges and bodies of water  that seperate me from the winter top of Mt Fuji. Old Man Fuji, with his white icy top, with the cold icy breath off of the sides of the veins found on the mountain. The white top adding a color gradient from white to pure skyline blue.

The glory and the virtue in this print is perfect for your home as a wall decor.

Our prints added to the acrylic prints, which adds depth on this 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic. An addition of high gloss of the acrylic sheet compliments the vivacious colors, from golden to greenish blue. The boats in the foreground add value as a home decor. A huge wall print will only bring to life your homely abode.