Why Photographs Make You Feel So Deeply

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Why Photographs Make You Feel So Deeply

Ever looked at an old photo and felt a wave of nostalgia? Or stared at a picture of a beautiful scene and experienced joy? Photographs can make us feel incredibly deeply, but have you ever wondered why that happens?

There are several reasons why a beautifully captured image can move us and push us to feel everything from sadness to joy to curiosity. Here are some reasons why images affect our emotional and mental states so deeply:

They capture a moment in time

What's especially wonderful about photographs of any kind, whether it's a candid, photograph from a celebration or special occasion, a portrait or even landscape photography, is that it captures a moment. That sense of nostalgia and preservation is why we turn to photography to eternalize moments and make them last forever. This is true even if the photograph isn't your own. Even a professional photographer captures a frame and makes a special memory out of it for you to cherish for years to come—maybe that's where the phrase 'Kodak Moment' comes from!

A beautiful framed photograph showing a stream leading up to Mt. Fuji in the back.

The visuals trigger different responses

Whether it's a photo of a beach or an image of a beautiful mountain, there's no denying how much the visuals affect us. Certain images trigger certain emotions and feelings, including happiness, awe, inspiration, and even relaxation. You may feel comforted and calmed by the image of a mountain, or you may feel happy seeing a photograph of a beach. That's partly because our minds associate these scenes with either memories or certain types of conditioning that associates positive feelings with them. Either way, it's a fascinating emotional and mental phenomenon.

They reflect the photographer's emotions

Photography isn't just about evoking emotion. It's also about capturing emotion. That's why we often feel the photographers' emotions captured and reflected in the image itself. Even landscape photography can capture powerful moments and beautiful scenes from the way the photographer sees and experiences them, which is why a great picture makes you feel like the scene is almost tangible. Some of the most talented photographers in the world work hard to capture emotion in every photograph, and that's why we fall in love with their work.

At Beach Samurai, we believe that photography is nothing short of an art form, which is why we're bringing you some of the most beautiful nature photography prints for your home. You can also choose from wall-mounted frames, various canvas and metal prints, as well as other products such as coffee table books with nature pictures and photography, tapestries, and more.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and invest in the perfect images and prints for your home. It's going to be the best decision you make!



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Mental Health Benefits Of Oceanic Imagery

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Oceanic Imagery

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Creative Ways to Use a Metal Print in Your Home

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Creative Ways to Use a Metal Print in Your Home

Metal prints tend to be a lot more versatile, vibrant, and vivid than most paper, canvas, or even acrylic prints. They're sturdy, lightweight, and incredibly easy to add to your home décor.

However, if you're looking for more creative ways to use them throughout your home, here are a few ideas that are worth  your while:

Set up a gallery wall with multiple prints

You'd be surprised at how much effort it takes to find the perfect gallery wall layout and design. You can, however, set it up using metal prints of different sizes, dimensions, and images to mix things up. We recommend using a mix of vertical and horizontal prints and either sticking to a similar color scheme or experimenting with different hues. It's a great way to add more pieces without overcrowding or over stuffing your space.

Place a print as a standalone piece

You could also do the opposite and use a single, mid-to-large-sized print as a standalone piece. This is a clever way to draw attention to your statement piece, and one that saves you money as well. Stick to a piece that not only complements and fits into the rest of your home's theme but also looks great on its own. The emptier the wall where it's placed, the better because that means all the focus goes there. Some great places to hang your print are above a couch, opposite the main entrance, above the bed, or above your dining table. There are all focal points, so they're likely to be noticed.

A vividly colored and vibrant print of a shot from Mahebourg, Mauritius.

Hang some up in your kitchen or bathroom

While it's not really possible or ideal to do this with paper or canvas, metal prints can easily be put up in bathrooms and kitchens. The kitchen, in particular, is a great place to add a pop of color and some art, given that metal is less prone to damage, wear and tear. Splashes, stains, and smoke won't really leave it looking lackluster, dirty, or scratched, and a quick wipe with a non-abrasive cloth and a gentle cleaning solution will have it as good as new.

Spruce up your home office with some prints

It's important that your home office leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Having prints and other décor can actually boost productivity and focus so you're always feeling and doing your best while you're creating, writing, working, or doing other tasks. The right print, such as nature imagery, can even help relax you, boost creativity, and lower your stress levels.

Loved these ideas and can't wait to try them? We know you do! Metal prints can spruce up your home without much effort.

Shop for the most amazing nature wall metal pictures and prints that you can put up throughout your home. We have multiple prints, designs, and options available for you to choose from. Check out some of the most popular pieces in our nature photography gallery, and place your order for them today. We also have other gorgeous items, including these beautiful coffee table books that you can check out on Blurb.

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Why Kumamoto is One of the Most Stunning Cities in the World

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Why Kumamoto is One of the Most Stunning Cities in the World

Kumamoto is the heart and soul of Kyushu, Japan. The beautiful city is home to some of the most incredible city life and gorgeous mountain and sea national parks, giving travelers and locals the best of both worlds.

The city brings together urban life and natural landscapes in a mix of incredible architecture, historical significance, and cultural celebration. Some of the reasons why this city is so special, and worth a visit, include:

It's home to the iconic Kumamoto Castle

The Kumamoto Castle was constructed in 1607 by a feudal lord, and over its 400-year history, it has been home to many iconic heroes and historical figures. The castle is also a very popular tourist destination where people visit to marvel at the architecture that has been updated at various points in Japan's history and the art, stories, and magnificent size. It's a beautiful sight to see during all the seasons, including when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, when fall foliage is in full swing, or when it rains and occasionally snows. You can't miss it.

You can see the famous Mount Aso there too

The mighty Mount Aso is also to be found in Kumamoto. As Japan's largest active volcano and one of the largest calderas in the world, you'd be surprised to know that it still remains an incredibly popular tourist destination. People flock to view the crater or climb up the mountain for one of the most thrilling experiences of their life. There are dozens of walking tours, hikes, treks through the landscape, and of course, up the mountain itself. 

An aerial view of Kumamoto, one of Japan's most beautiful cities

Beautiful water bodies and hot springs to explore

Where there are volcanoes, there will be hot springs, and where there are hot springs, there's a chance to relax and enjoy! You can explore some of the most beautiful hot springs in the world when you're in Kumamoto, escaping the city life and becoming one with nature. These springs, streams, and other water bodies are perfect for when you want to unwind, meditate, seek out certain spa treatments. After exploring the city itself, trekking up a mountain, and walking through an ancient castle, who can turn down a nice long soak?

History and culture are preserved in the best way

The best part about Kumamoto is how it fuses and preserves local history and culture with modern aspects. You'll be able to eat at some of the finest restaurants, shop at malls, and look at the incredible cityscape, but still be close to nature, surrounded by history and unique aspects of the culture. You're going to fall in love!

While you wait to travel, why not bring a little piece of this gorgeous city to your home? Get your hands on our beautiful photography art prints and tapestries showing shots of the city. We have various landscape wall art prints as well that you can order through our website. If you'd like to place your order, get in touch with us today.

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Tips for Setting Up a Gallery Wall at Home

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Tips for Setting Up a Gallery Wall at Home

Gallery walls are the perfect way to decorate your home. They're versatile, easy to manage, and perfect for when you want to spruce things up at home.

You can use these tips and tricks to help make your gallery wall at home easier to set up and plan out, so it looks great, symmetrical, and cohesive. You don't want to crowd multiple pieces haphazardly and be struggling with the way they look from a distance.

That's why you should try the following tips and recommendations to make setting things up much easier:

Decide the wall and location

Will your gallery wall go up on an empty wall, or will it be set up above furniture? Are there other items up on the wall that will stay there, or will they be removed and/or added to the gallery? Depending on where you'll set it up, the height and other dimensions will be decided.

Use your floor first

This is a key step. Since you're going to be working a lot with prints and posters, you don't want to directly go into taping the pieces up or experimenting on the wall right away. Instead, get everything that's going to be included and place it on the floor. Arrange the frames and prints as you require, and play around with their placement. Move things around to get a better feel of how it looks, experiment with the setting and arrangement, and keep things fresh.

Once you're done and you're fully satisfied with the way your placement and setting look, take a step back to see if you like the way it looks and if it looks cohesive.

A man sits beside a wall with two blank frames hung on it.

Make markings on the wall

Take a pencil and measuring tape or scale or a leveler, and make wall markings. These will help ensure that there is adequate space—at least 2-3 inches—between each piece that goes up. This will make sure you're not placing things too close to one another or keeping them too far apart or crooked. Draw out where you'll place the centerpiece or focal point, and then start your hammering and nailing. Start placing with the biggest piece, or the most central, and frame everything else around it for better placement.


Setting up your own gallery wall takes effort and planning, but it's so worth it when you see all the gorgeous wildlife photography posters and nature photography art prints come together. Finding balance is key, which is why we recommend going through our entire collection to find a mix of different sizes, images, colors and finishes to help you stay creative. You can also mix things up with different materials, including our metal and acrylic prints that help to make things more interesting.

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Home Décor Ideas for Anyone Who's Caught the Travel Bug

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Home Décor Ideas for Anyone Who's Caught the Travel Bug

The travel bug is going around, and you'd better watch out.

Symptoms include wanderlust, obsessing over your next adventure, dreaming about exotic places and beautiful sights, and saving religiously to make your dreams a reality.

Sound familiar? You might as well accept that you've caught it.

Anyone with a travel bug knows how hard it is to stay at home without going on some kind of adventure or another. That's why your home should be an extension and reflection of your passion and love for travel.

Here are some great ways to make that happen through some fun home décor ideas:

Get maps for décor around the house

Maps are going to become your best friends. They're easy to acquire, cheap, and come in dozens of different styles and designs. You can make your maps look vintage, too, for that added flair. You can frame them and add them to your gallery wall along with other images, photographs, and of course, prints. It's inexpensive, can be DIY-ed easily, and looks amazing.

Hang up gorgeous scenic images and prints

Speaking of prints, there's no way you'll want to miss out on our incredible travel-based photographs and prints. We have a great collection of some of the most scenic locations globally, including various areas around Mt. Fuji, Mauritius, and other beautiful destinations that are definitely worth visiting. Start adding all these places and more to your bucket list—you won't regret it.

An acrylic prin of a quiet beach in Mauritius.

Make a globe your statement piece

Head over to a stationery or thrift store and pick up a globe. But not the ugly classroom types. Nothing says you love to travel like a giant globe in the middle of your home, but that doesn't mean you have to make it seem boring. Look for something that has character and seems to tell a story, especially if it looks used. That's going to look incredible when placed on your coffee table or shelf.

Invest in travel-based coffee table books

Since we're on the subject of coffee tables, you should also invest in some great coffee table books. We have multiple nature photography book covers for sale that you can buy through our website and use as décor items. These statement pieces are just what you need to help make your home look more artistic, creative, and of course, travel-themed.

Place travel-based tapestries in your home

Another great idea is to add travel-photo tapestries to your home. You can hang them up in the bedroom, living room, or even the balcony for a cozy, campsite feel. They look great, and since they're pretty vibrant, they instantly zhuzh up any room they're in. Definitely worth considering!

These are the best recommendations and ideas for anyone who can't get enough of all there is to see in the world. You can check out the rest of our nature photography prints and nature picture books for your home, as well as photos and tapestries of gorgeous cities and towns. Find everything you need for your home right here on our website, and make your home a travel bug's paradise.

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4 Clever Tips to Make Living Room Cozier

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4 Clever Tips to Make Living Room Cozier

Your living room is probably the most central part of your home. It doesn't matter whether you live in a mansion or a cozy apartment; the living room is bound to be one of the most used areas in your home. That's why it's important you make it feel homely and welcoming.

Check out the following tips and ideas to help make your living room feel more cozy and comfortable so you'll love spending your days there:

1.    Make your furniture more comfortable

Stick to a few essential furniture items like a couch, coffee table, and some racks and shelves. If you have a bigger room, additional seating like single-seater sofas, pull-out chairs, or an extra couch can be added. Make sure your furniture is comfortable and easy to sit on, great for cuddling or just lounging away. You don't need to replace your whole couch, however. Just fluff things up, throw on a few comfy cushions, and try some of these quick fixes.

2.    Put up more framed prints and artwork

Art is meant to inspire you, and that's why you should have more of it in your home too. Paintings, prints and frames, quotes are some of the many ways you can make your living room feel more uniquely you. We have some incredible wall tapestries and landscape photography prints that are sure to stand out anywhere they're placed, whether it's as single pieces or part of your gallery. Check them out here.

A small but cozy living room with plants, minimal furniture, and wall art.

3.    Add plants to your living spaces for color

Plants are the perfect way to make any space more welcoming and feel cozier. You can get a mix of small and large-sized plants and various sized planters and pots, mixing things up inside the home. They bring color and add a ton of personality to any space, making it all the more unique. Plants are also great for your mental and physical health, so there's nothing better for your home.

4.    Decorate, but don't overcrowd your space

There's a fine line between filling space and crowding it, and we recommend that you find ways to decorate, keeping that in mind. Don't overstuff your shelves or empty surfaces, but stick to a few key decor pieces like coffee table books that look great but don't oversaturate your room.

Our collection of wildlife photography posters and coffee table books, as well as various home décor prints, are a way for you to make your home feel more welcoming, artistic and bring in elements of the great outdoors to the indoors. You can choose from various frames, including different sizes and materials, when you're making a purchase too. These original nature photo posters and prints are going to make a gorgeous addition to your spaces, so grab yours today!

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How to Style Your Favorite Beach Samurai T-Shirt in Fun Ways

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How to Style Your Favorite Beach Samurai T-Shirt in Fun Ways

If you've ordered our photography printed t-shirts, you might be wondering how you can style them in unique ways. There are several styles and fun techniques to wear your brand new t-shirt, whether you're running errands or hanging out with your friends.

We're sharing some great tips, ideas, and styling suggestions that are gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone. Here are some of the best ideas for you to try that work no matter what your style preferences are:

Pair your t-shirt with loose-fitting jeans

What could be more casual than a comfortable t-shirt and some loose-fitted jeans? Guys can choose baggier options, while women can pick mom jeans styles or high-waisted styles that work to flatter and show off their waists. Loose-fitting jeans and a t-shirt are the perfect looks for running errands like grocery shopping or picking the kids up from school, or when you just want a lazy-but-put-together look.

Or go the opposite way with skinny jeans

A great way to balance proportions when you're wearing a baseball or regular t-shirt is by wearing skinny or well-fitted jeans. It's a simple tip to keep a balance between loose and well-fitted clothing and instantly makes you look more dressed up. Put on a nice pair of sneakers, and you'll look more chic, yet laid back without doing much else.

If skinny jeans aren't your thing or you're not comfortable in them, find straight-fitting jeans or pants that are ankle-length. That instantly makes you look taller and sleeker.

A comfy men's t-shirt with a photograph of fishing boats printed on it.

Layer with a button-down or blazer

Layering t-shirts is a foolproof technique to making them look more dressed up and appropriate for different settings. You can wear them with button-down shirts, plaid shirts, jackets or blazers. Keep the buttons open to the print underneath shows while still making sure you look business-casual and ready for a night out with your friends. You get to stay comfortable and look stylin' all night long.

Add accessories to your look for more flair

Since t-shirts are so comfortable, laid back, and casual, it may be tricky to make them look fancier. But you can always count on accessories to give you that added flair. Put on sunglasses, a great pair of shoes, and your favorite backpack for the perfect look. Whether you're grabbing lunch with friends or traveling, it's a comfortable, versatile, and stylish look.

Loved these tips and want to try them with our t-shirts? Check out the rest of our collection, which features some of the most incredible nature photography prints. You can also shop for wildlife photography posters and various home décor prints through our website, where we're bringing you various frames too. These original prints are going to make a gorgeous addition to your spaces, so grab yours today!

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