Why Kumamoto is One of the Most Stunning Cities in the World

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Why Kumamoto is One of the Most Stunning Cities in the World

Kumamoto is the heart and soul of Kyushu, Japan. The beautiful city is home to some of the most incredible city life and gorgeous mountain and sea national parks, giving travelers and locals the best of both worlds.

The city brings together urban life and natural landscapes in a mix of incredible architecture, historical significance, and cultural celebration. Some of the reasons why this city is so special, and worth a visit, include:

It's home to the iconic Kumamoto Castle

The Kumamoto Castle was constructed in 1607 by a feudal lord, and over its 400-year history, it has been home to many iconic heroes and historical figures. The castle is also a very popular tourist destination where people visit to marvel at the architecture that has been updated at various points in Japan's history and the art, stories, and magnificent size. It's a beautiful sight to see during all the seasons, including when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, when fall foliage is in full swing, or when it rains and occasionally snows. You can't miss it.

You can see the famous Mount Aso there too

The mighty Mount Aso is also to be found in Kumamoto. As Japan's largest active volcano and one of the largest calderas in the world, you'd be surprised to know that it still remains an incredibly popular tourist destination. People flock to view the crater or climb up the mountain for one of the most thrilling experiences of their life. There are dozens of walking tours, hikes, treks through the landscape, and of course, up the mountain itself. 

An aerial view of Kumamoto, one of Japan's most beautiful cities

Beautiful water bodies and hot springs to explore

Where there are volcanoes, there will be hot springs, and where there are hot springs, there's a chance to relax and enjoy! You can explore some of the most beautiful hot springs in the world when you're in Kumamoto, escaping the city life and becoming one with nature. These springs, streams, and other water bodies are perfect for when you want to unwind, meditate, seek out certain spa treatments. After exploring the city itself, trekking up a mountain, and walking through an ancient castle, who can turn down a nice long soak?

History and culture are preserved in the best way

The best part about Kumamoto is how it fuses and preserves local history and culture with modern aspects. You'll be able to eat at some of the finest restaurants, shop at malls, and look at the incredible cityscape, but still be close to nature, surrounded by history and unique aspects of the culture. You're going to fall in love!

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