Tips for Setting Up a Gallery Wall at Home

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Tips for Setting Up a Gallery Wall at Home

Gallery walls are the perfect way to decorate your home. They're versatile, easy to manage, and perfect for when you want to spruce things up at home.

You can use these tips and tricks to help make your gallery wall at home easier to set up and plan out, so it looks great, symmetrical, and cohesive. You don't want to crowd multiple pieces haphazardly and be struggling with the way they look from a distance.

That's why you should try the following tips and recommendations to make setting things up much easier:

Decide the wall and location

Will your gallery wall go up on an empty wall, or will it be set up above furniture? Are there other items up on the wall that will stay there, or will they be removed and/or added to the gallery? Depending on where you'll set it up, the height and other dimensions will be decided.

Use your floor first

This is a key step. Since you're going to be working a lot with prints and posters, you don't want to directly go into taping the pieces up or experimenting on the wall right away. Instead, get everything that's going to be included and place it on the floor. Arrange the frames and prints as you require, and play around with their placement. Move things around to get a better feel of how it looks, experiment with the setting and arrangement, and keep things fresh.

Once you're done and you're fully satisfied with the way your placement and setting look, take a step back to see if you like the way it looks and if it looks cohesive.

A man sits beside a wall with two blank frames hung on it.

Make markings on the wall

Take a pencil and measuring tape or scale or a leveler, and make wall markings. These will help ensure that there is adequate space—at least 2-3 inches—between each piece that goes up. This will make sure you're not placing things too close to one another or keeping them too far apart or crooked. Draw out where you'll place the centerpiece or focal point, and then start your hammering and nailing. Start placing with the biggest piece, or the most central, and frame everything else around it for better placement.


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