Should I Invest in a Tapestry for My Home?

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Should I Invest in a Tapestry for My Home?

Tapestries are one of the few textile items that have been around for centuries and have stood the test of time. They are undoubtedly a stunning addition to any living space and can liven up its aesthetics instantly.

Here are some reasons you should invest in a tapestry for your home.

1.    Affordable and Convenient

Tapestries are made from readily available fabrics which makes them easy to acquire in the market. Unlike other items of wall décor such as wall posters or prints, tapestries are a lot cheaper to buy or get custom-made and they require less effort in wall mounting. You can get any design you like printed on a tapestry by a local or online shop or just buy an already-made tapestry at affordable rates.

2.    Beautify Your Space

Tapestries brighten up the aesthetics of a room like nothing else. You can make up for the lack of a fancy headboard on your bed by hanging a large tapestry on the wall behind it or make up for the lack of wall and home décor by hanging smaller tapestries on your walls instead. They not only cover your empty wall space but also beautify your whole room.

3.    Multiple Uses

Tapestries are most commonly used as wall hangings but they can also be used for other home décor purposes. You can use a tapestry as a sofa covering, décor for your tables, picnic blanket, curtains, etc. Not to mention the stunning imagery they add to any pictures you may want to take in your room!

4.    Make Your Space Look Bigger

Smaller rooms tend to look even smaller if the walls have too much décor on them or if there’s too much furniture in the room. Tapestries can help you make your space look a lot bigger by compensating for the lack of living space and giving off the illusion of more space. You can hang a beautifully-designed tapestry on your wall instead of other wall décor items like hanging shelves, picture frames, etc. because these items make your small room look even more cramped.

5.    Can Be Personalized

You can find online shops that can customize tapestries for you and print any design you want on them. Getting a nature or landscape picture printed on your tapestry can give your room an extra natural element and make your space feel more lively and homely.

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