Making Your Studio a Creatively Stimulating Space

By Beach Samurai

Lighting set-up inside an otherwise bare and empty studio space

Lighting set-up inside an otherwise bare and empty studio space.

While a partially empty studio may be essential for certain types of creative work, such as photography and videography, it's still important to have some sort of stimulation and visually appealing content around your spaces.

That's because we often require stimulators and inspiration to get past creative blocks and tap into our internal inspiration. Having visually appealing and mentally stimulating additions in your home office or studio can boost your creativity significantly, and here's how you can achieve that:

Add more natural elements

Plants, flowers, and aromatics are the easiest natural elements you can add to a studio space. They're perfect for putting you at ease, bringing in more color and vibrance, and creating an environment that fosters more free-thinking. It's also great for improving ventilation, given that many studios tend to be quite closed off. There are plenty of indoor varieties that require little to no maintenance apart from watering and some exposure to natural light, so it'll be the perfect, low-effort addition to make.

A close-up view of a corner in a studio featuring a chair, rack, candlestand, plant, and bare walls.

Have the right lighting inside

Speaking of free-thinking, did you know that lighting can play a huge role in how creative you are? We'd think that the brighter the light, the better the productivity and creativity, but evidence suggests the opposite. Dimmer lighting is not only more relaxing, but it's also linked to increased creativity since it has a liberating effect. It's like having the cover of darkness to truly let go and be free with your exploration and creative expression, so why not give it a try?

Play with wall art and photography

They say even the walls have eyes, but we believe that walls also have souls. Barren, empty walls are a roadblock to creativity and can leave you feeling bored, uninspired, and trapped. This sounds like a recipe for disaster when you're trying to create something worthwhile

However, you can spruce things up with some great wall art and photo prints. You can hang gorgeous landscape photography on different walls, especially those that your eyes are naturally drawn to as you work. Visually appealing, stimulating, and incredible to look at, it's just what you need to make your space a hub of inspiration.

When trying to make your studio more visually stimulating, a great addition to make are some of our coffee table books on Japan and Mauritius, or the breathtaking nature photography art prints, tapestries, and other visually appealing images that we have in stock.

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