How to Select the Perfect Acrylic Print for Your Office?

By Beach Samurai

Acrylic wall art print with office furniture

Acrylic prints are a minimalistic yet awe-inspiring way to display art in your office. Acrylic prints offer a high contrast range, detailed images, and you can hang them without a frame. This feature makes acrylic wall art prints perfect for modern-style homes and a particularly creative choice for classic-style homes.

However, not all acrylic prints are created the same way. Here we discuss the different variations and factors that may make a certain acrylic print a better choice for your office.

Acrylic wall art print with office furniture

1- Face Mounted Acrylic Print VS Direct-Print

Face Mounted Acrylic Prints are created by first printing the image on a sheet of paper (usually high quality) and then mounting that printed paper on acrylic. Choosing the best possible paper quality results in prints with amazingly vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

However, since a sheet of paper is involved, face-mounted acrylic prints are not as long-lasting as direct-print.

As the name suggests, direct-print acrylics do not involve any sheet on top of the acrylic. Instead, the image is printed directly on the acrylic surface, resulting in particularly durable acrylic prints. However, the colors may not be as bright and vibrant as face-mounted acrylic prints.

If you wish to place an acrylic print indoors, feel free to choose a face-mounted acrylic print as it will not be exposed to the elements. However, a direct print acrylic would prove much more durable outdoors.

2- Choose the Right Paper

If you’re going for a face-mounted acrylic print, choosing the right paper is the key. There are two types of papers generally used in acrylic prints; glossy paper and metallic paper. We would suggest going for metallic paper for two reasons.

The first reason is metallic paper offers more of the high contrast property mentioned above. This factor means that images printed on metallic paper have darker darks and brighter bright, resulting in highly vibrant images full of life.

The second reason is that metallic paper has less glare than glossy paper.  An image printed on metallic paper compared to glossy paper is less susceptible to getting disturbed by reflections.

3- Choose the Right Image

If you’re going for an acrylic print, you better choose an image that uses the high vibrance of acrylic paints. However, this doesn’t mean you’re limited by what pictures you can have in an acrylic print. You can have your pictures edited to increase their contrast so that the print effectively uses the range of brightness offered by the metallic paper.

This also does not mean that you shouldn’t use acrylic prints for black and white pictures. The print quality only increases the range of brightness. The range of colors is available for each kind of print, and black and white pictures can benefit from the high contrast of acrylic prints just as well as colorful pictures.

Acrylic wall art prints in the background of a mini bookshelf

After knowing which acrylic print will suit your office, you can select any wall-mounted picture or landscape print that you want. At Beach Samurai, we have various acrylic wall art prints that add creativity and sophistication to your office walls.

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