Home Décor Ideas for Anyone Who's Caught the Travel Bug

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Home Décor Ideas for Anyone Who's Caught the Travel Bug

The travel bug is going around, and you'd better watch out.

Symptoms include wanderlust, obsessing over your next adventure, dreaming about exotic places and beautiful sights, and saving religiously to make your dreams a reality.

Sound familiar? You might as well accept that you've caught it.

Anyone with a travel bug knows how hard it is to stay at home without going on some kind of adventure or another. That's why your home should be an extension and reflection of your passion and love for travel.

Here are some great ways to make that happen through some fun home décor ideas:

Get maps for décor around the house

Maps are going to become your best friends. They're easy to acquire, cheap, and come in dozens of different styles and designs. You can make your maps look vintage, too, for that added flair. You can frame them and add them to your gallery wall along with other images, photographs, and of course, prints. It's inexpensive, can be DIY-ed easily, and looks amazing.

Hang up gorgeous scenic images and prints

Speaking of prints, there's no way you'll want to miss out on our incredible travel-based photographs and prints. We have a great collection of some of the most scenic locations globally, including various areas around Mt. Fuji, Mauritius, and other beautiful destinations that are definitely worth visiting. Start adding all these places and more to your bucket list—you won't regret it.

An acrylic prin of a quiet beach in Mauritius.

Make a globe your statement piece

Head over to a stationery or thrift store and pick up a globe. But not the ugly classroom types. Nothing says you love to travel like a giant globe in the middle of your home, but that doesn't mean you have to make it seem boring. Look for something that has character and seems to tell a story, especially if it looks used. That's going to look incredible when placed on your coffee table or shelf.

Invest in travel-based coffee table books

Since we're on the subject of coffee tables, you should also invest in some great coffee table books. We have multiple nature photography book covers for sale that you can buy through our website and use as décor items. These statement pieces are just what you need to help make your home look more artistic, creative, and of course, travel-themed.

Place travel-based tapestries in your home

Another great idea is to add travel-photo tapestries to your home. You can hang them up in the bedroom, living room, or even the balcony for a cozy, campsite feel. They look great, and since they're pretty vibrant, they instantly zhuzh up any room they're in. Definitely worth considering!

These are the best recommendations and ideas for anyone who can't get enough of all there is to see in the world. You can check out the rest of our nature photography prints and nature picture books for your home, as well as photos and tapestries of gorgeous cities and towns. Find everything you need for your home right here on our website, and make your home a travel bug's paradise.