Cool Hoodie Designs You Should Check Out

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Cool Hoodie Designs You Should Check Out

Online shopping has become the fastest and most convenient way to buy clothing online, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. So many cool online shops offering designs that make your outfits stand out are now at your reach.

Try something new and grab a uniquely-designed hoodie this winter. Here are some cool hoodie designs you can choose from!

1.    A Beach Samurai

The ‘A Beach Samurai’ hoodie from is among the coolest minimalist designs on the company’s online shop. The design features a logo which looks like a skewed triangle with beach imagery inside it. The black and white Beach Samurai logo is placed in the middle and perfectly contrasts with the solid colours of the hoodie.

The hoodies are mostly made of cotton and polyester and can be machine-washed. You can buy them in small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. You can also choose from five colours: black, charcoal, heather, navy blue and white.

2.    Black and White Enoshima

Nothing looks cooler than a black-and-white graphic on your shirt or hoodie. BeachSamurai’s ‘Black and White Enoshima’ hoodie contains a black and white print of a stunning image taken off the coast of the island of Enoshima in Japan. If you’re not buying this hoodie for the design, buy it for the cool story of nature behind the design!

You can buy this hoodie for just $22 on the online shop. It is available in five colours and made up of a 75% cotton and 25% polyester blend. You can also choose from five different sizes.

3.    Personalize Your Own

BeachSamurai specializes in nature and landscape photography which portrays the beauty of the island of Mauritius and the cities of Japan. With a lot of the photography capturing the enchanting Mount Fuji of Japan, these pictures stand out from any other nature photography products you might own.

You can browse through the company’s impressive image portfolio on its website and choose any of the images you would like to get printed on a hoodie, t-shirt or tapestry. You can also go through the company’s size guide to pick the perfect fit for you.

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Where to Buy?

Visit the BeachSamurai website and online shop to browse through a wide range of nature and landscape photography products. Our photography encapsulates the beauty of Japan and Mauritius and brings it to you in the form of t-shirts and hoodies, tapestries, books and wall-art prints and posters.

We can help you incorporate some stunning nature-themed products into your home décor! Buy here.