Clever Ways to Make Your Living Room More Contemporary

By Beach Samurai

A clean, modern, and minimalist living room with earth-toned furniture, white walls, natural lighting, plants, and limited décor.

A clean, modern, and minimalist living room with earth-toned furniture, white walls, natural lighting, plants, and limited décor.

Living room upgrades and décor can be hard to make, especially with all the different trends, design, and décor options and practices that are out there. However, one design approach that remains timeless, relevant, fresh, and actually fairly simple is contemporary décor.

While it’s hard to define contemporary décor since it’s quite versatile and can mean different things, the focus is generally on more simple, subtle, and somewhat minimalist values. Anything can be contemporary so long as it’s current, but how do you channel that into your living room? Here are some simple and effective ways:

Geometric décor pieces and fixtures

Geometric shapes have almost become synonymous with contemporary décor and design. That’s mainly because they tend to have that unique design while still having the clean lines and understated features that are so characteristic of contemporary décor. You can invest in geometric planters, lighting fixtures, candle stands, and more.

The classic, statement floor lamp

How often have you looked at an image or guide for contemporary décor and noticed that one standalone statement lamp? Lighting is an important part of any décor setup, and a statement lamp is a perfect fix for that. You can upcycle an old lamp you already own or even a thrifted one. It’s a fun and easy project to take on and definitely one of the cheapest ways to make your space more contemporary.

A framed photo of Mt. Fuji at Inamuragasaki, which is perfect for use in living room decor.

A striking print or photo on the wall

Of course, every contemporary living room also needs that statement art piece. We recommend investing in a great framed photo print that is both striking and modern so that it can be placed on your main wall as a statement piece. You can choose photographs that complement the overall color scheme and theme you have going or pick out something that totally stands out and looks absolutely fantastic as a focal point.

An alternative approach would be to create a gallery wall using various sized prints and frames and giving your space a very chic, modern look. Mix and match different images, or choose photos from the same series for a more cohesive look, and you’ll have the perfect gallery wall!

Your living room shouldn’t just look like a photo from a magazine. It’s a personal space, and the best way to decorate it is through personal touch. You can order coffee table books on Japan and Mauritius or some of our beautiful nature photography art prints, tapestries, and other décor products to truly enhance the visuals and make the space unique to you.

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