Cardinal Rules of Wall Décor Everyone Should Know

By Beach Samurai

A couple of wall art print decorations

Are you someone who loves decorating your house? Do you want to cover your wall with photography art prints or photo frames? If yes, then let us guide you through the process!

This blog discusses some cardinal rules of wall décor that everyone should know.

A couple of wall art print decorations

1- The Rule of 60-40 Wall Decor

We understand that there are many amazing wall décor items available in the market, and you might get tempted to cover your wall with them.

But that’s not the way to do it!

An important general rule of thumb is that you should leave forty percent of the wall area blank. You can cover the other sixty percent with various wall décors. The same rule also applies when hanging a wall painting or a combination of wall paintings above your sofa or couch. The wall painting should be sixty percent or less than the width of the sofa or couch.

2- The Rule of Eye Level Focus

Another important rule of wall décor is the rule of eye-level focus. But how exactly does this rule work?

As the name suggests, the rule of eye-level focus states that when you’re hanging wall paintings, photo frames, wall hangings, or any other kind of wall décor, you should always place them on eye level.

But how to determine eye level as people have different heights? One hundred forty-five centimeters is considered the standard eye-level position height for any wall décor item. The center of the painting or photograph should be 145 centimeters from the ground. For a collection of wall paintings, the centerpiece should be 145 centimeters from the ground, and you should hang the other paintings around it.

3- The Rule of Odd Numbers

You might be surprised to hear this, but a rule is also present for the number of wall decorations you should add to your wall.

According to the odd number rule, you should always use one, three, five, or more items to decorate a wall. You should always avoid decorating your wall with two, four, six, or more pieces.

The formation of this rule revolves around the idea that objects present in odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye. Following this rule would make your wall the focal point of the room.

4- The Rule of Perfect Position

Although there is no specific study to determine which positions are considered ideal for hanging wall decoration items, there are some principles you can follow in this regard.

One of the most attractive positions to hang wall decoration is the wall that faces the entrance door. You can also place a wall decoration item on the wall that is near the couch or sofa. However, you should avoid placing wall décor pieces on walls that already have some element of attraction, like the TV or window.

A bedroom with a home-wall mounted picture above the bed

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Now that you’re well aware of the principles of wall décor, it’s time for you to bring out your creative side and display it on the wall.

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