4 Ways to Hang Photography Prints in Your Bedroom

By Beach Samurai

Home decor print in a bedroom alongside other decorations

 Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home. You can decorate it and make changes to create your little world. Whether you want to hang nature photography prints on walls or add synthetic flower pots to the side tables, the choice is yours.

This blog discusses some ways to hang photography prints in your bedroom.

Home decor print in a bedroom alongside other decorations

1- Create a Picture Shelf

If you don’t want to nail holes in your bedroom wall, this strategy is for you!

Select a corner of your bedroom, and add a shelf to it. Place pictures on the shelf in a leaning way. You can add various prints to different racks and create an aesthetic design. Creating a picture shelf is also perfect for people who want to rearrange constantly. You can add or remove any print you want without any hassle.

2- Create a Print Rail

You might not have heard of this idea before, but the new decoration trends are all about being minimal and stealing the focus simultaneously. Creating a print rail is the way to do that!

As the name suggests, you have to install a silver molding rod from one corner to the opposite corner, a few inches from the roof. Once the rod is installed, you can hang the prints from it through hooks and strings. This method also works for people who like rearranging the decorations every once in a while. Through this creative way, you can easily replace the prints on the hooks whenever you want.

3- Try the Unframing Technique

Almost everyone loves to hang prints on walls or place them on tables in intricate frames. And we understand that! Adding the prints to frames can bring out the beauty in both the frames and the prints.

However, have you ever thought of hanging prints or placing them on shelves without a frame? You may own a great print that possesses a great charm. Wouldn’t placing it in a frame bring its charm down by a notch?

The art and design community encourages leaving some prints and artworks without fancy picture frames. Try hanging a colorful print to your wall without a frame, and see how the print speaks for itself!

4- Break Some Rules

We all know that placing photographs, wall decor, and prints on your wall have certain rules. The prints should be 145 cm from the ground, be in odd numbers, and cover only sixty percent of the wall. But is it necessary to follow these rules?

If it’s your bedroom, you can easily come up with your own set of rules. Try covering a whole wall with prints, or just add one small print above the bed frame. Place a frame near the bottom or the top of the wall. Follow whatever you think is the right way to hang photography prints in your bedroom without thinking much about the rules.

Home decor prints above a bed frame

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