3 Coffee Table Books You Need Right Now

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3 Coffee Table Books You Need Right Now

Coffee table books have always been massively sought-after items of home decor since their early rise in popularity around the 1960s. They make for lovely pieces of decorative furniture but also serve the function of conversation-starters.

What better coffee table books to buy than those which feature some stunning nature photography and landscape prints? Here are some coffee table books you need right now.

1.    Golden Footprints To Mt. Fuji

The latest in the series of landscape and nature photography books by Lokhilesh Takoor is the ‘Golden Footprints to Mt. Fuji’ book. This book is a mesmerizing collection of landscape photographs of the author’s hometown of Mauritius and Mount Fuji in Japan from different perspectives and angles. The author was inspired by his life in the island of Mauritius and Japan and thus, poured his adoration of the two places in this book.

The stunning scenic pictures paired with the haikus make for an awe-inspiring book to rest on your coffee table.

2.    Patch of Shore (Vol. 1, 2 & 3)

The three volumes of the nature photography book series titled ‘Patch of Shore’ by Lokhilesh Takoor feature a beautifully-crafted collection of shots of the beaches in the Island of Mauritius. The author is native to this stunning island in the Indian Ocean and reflects the beauty of its beaches in his art.

This book also features haikus written by the author alongside each picture. These haikus add to the overall appeal of the books and combine with the pictures to create an enchanting portrayal of the Island.

3.    What The F$%k Is Really Going Here? (Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4)

‘What the F$%k Is Really Going Here?’ is a book series that Lokhilesh Takoor produced as an ode to the dreamy city of Tokyo in Japan. The author had a lifelong aspiration of visiting Japan and fulfilled it in the winter of 2019. During his trip, he documented the beauty of the streets of Tokyo with his camera and shares them with us in the form of this book.

The book has four volumes out and each volume features a collection of the pictures the author took in Tokyo. These pictures are edited to reflect the aesthetics and poetic mood of the author during the time he took them, as do the haikus paired with each picture. These books make for perfect nature photography home decor.

An open natural landscape book on a white coffee table

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