4 Ways to Hang Photography Prints in Your Bedroom

By Beach Samurai

Home decor print in a bedroom alongside other decorations

 Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home. You can decorate it and make changes to create your little world. Whether you want to hang nature photography prints on walls or add synthetic flower pots to the side tables, the choice is yours.

This blog discusses some ways to hang photography prints in your bedroom.

Home decor print in a bedroom alongside other decorations

1- Create a Picture Shelf

If you don’t want to nail holes in your bedroom wall, this strategy is for you!

Select a corner of your bedroom, and add a shelf to it. Place pictures on the shelf in a leaning way. You can add various prints to different racks and create an aesthetic design. Creating a picture shelf is also perfect for people who want to rearrange constantly. You can add or remove any print you want without any hassle.

2- Create a Print Rail

You might not have heard of this idea before, but the new decoration trends are all about being minimal and stealing the focus simultaneously. Creating a print rail is the way to do that!

As the name suggests, you have to install a silver molding rod from one corner to the opposite corner, a few inches from the roof. Once the rod is installed, you can hang the prints from it through hooks and strings. This method also works for people who like rearranging the decorations every once in a while. Through this creative way, you can easily replace the prints on the hooks whenever you want.

3- Try the Unframing Technique

Almost everyone loves to hang prints on walls or place them on tables in intricate frames. And we understand that! Adding the prints to frames can bring out the beauty in both the frames and the prints.

However, have you ever thought of hanging prints or placing them on shelves without a frame? You may own a great print that possesses a great charm. Wouldn’t placing it in a frame bring its charm down by a notch?

The art and design community encourages leaving some prints and artworks without fancy picture frames. Try hanging a colorful print to your wall without a frame, and see how the print speaks for itself!

4- Break Some Rules

We all know that placing photographs, wall decor, and prints on your wall have certain rules. The prints should be 145 cm from the ground, be in odd numbers, and cover only sixty percent of the wall. But is it necessary to follow these rules?

If it’s your bedroom, you can easily come up with your own set of rules. Try covering a whole wall with prints, or just add one small print above the bed frame. Place a frame near the bottom or the top of the wall. Follow whatever you think is the right way to hang photography prints in your bedroom without thinking much about the rules.

Home decor prints above a bed frame

Buy Wall Art Prints Online

Once you have come up with your own set of ideas to hang photography prints in your bedroom, buying wall art prints online is the next step.

At Beach Samurai, we bring you the most diverse collection of nature photography prints that would be a gorgeous addition to your bedroom.

Order any home decor print through our website, and receive it on your doorstep.




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How to Select the Perfect Acrylic Print for Your Office?

By Beach Samurai

Acrylic wall art print with office furniture

Acrylic prints are a minimalistic yet awe-inspiring way to display art in your office. Acrylic prints offer a high contrast range, detailed images, and you can hang them without a frame. This feature makes acrylic wall art prints perfect for modern-style homes and a particularly creative choice for classic-style homes.

However, not all acrylic prints are created the same way. Here we discuss the different variations and factors that may make a certain acrylic print a better choice for your office.

Acrylic wall art print with office furniture

1- Face Mounted Acrylic Print VS Direct-Print

Face Mounted Acrylic Prints are created by first printing the image on a sheet of paper (usually high quality) and then mounting that printed paper on acrylic. Choosing the best possible paper quality results in prints with amazingly vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

However, since a sheet of paper is involved, face-mounted acrylic prints are not as long-lasting as direct-print.

As the name suggests, direct-print acrylics do not involve any sheet on top of the acrylic. Instead, the image is printed directly on the acrylic surface, resulting in particularly durable acrylic prints. However, the colors may not be as bright and vibrant as face-mounted acrylic prints.

If you wish to place an acrylic print indoors, feel free to choose a face-mounted acrylic print as it will not be exposed to the elements. However, a direct print acrylic would prove much more durable outdoors.

2- Choose the Right Paper

If you’re going for a face-mounted acrylic print, choosing the right paper is the key. There are two types of papers generally used in acrylic prints; glossy paper and metallic paper. We would suggest going for metallic paper for two reasons.

The first reason is metallic paper offers more of the high contrast property mentioned above. This factor means that images printed on metallic paper have darker darks and brighter bright, resulting in highly vibrant images full of life.

The second reason is that metallic paper has less glare than glossy paper.  An image printed on metallic paper compared to glossy paper is less susceptible to getting disturbed by reflections.

3- Choose the Right Image

If you’re going for an acrylic print, you better choose an image that uses the high vibrance of acrylic paints. However, this doesn’t mean you’re limited by what pictures you can have in an acrylic print. You can have your pictures edited to increase their contrast so that the print effectively uses the range of brightness offered by the metallic paper.

This also does not mean that you shouldn’t use acrylic prints for black and white pictures. The print quality only increases the range of brightness. The range of colors is available for each kind of print, and black and white pictures can benefit from the high contrast of acrylic prints just as well as colorful pictures.

Acrylic wall art prints in the background of a mini bookshelf

After knowing which acrylic print will suit your office, you can select any wall-mounted picture or landscape print that you want. At Beach Samurai, we have various acrylic wall art prints that add creativity and sophistication to your office walls.

You can purchase acrylic nature photography posters online through our website to enhance your office decoration for years.

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The Art of Meaningful Gift-Giving: Choosing the Right Photograph

By Beach Samurai

Two home decor prints on a bedroom wall

When you give someone a photograph or home decor prints to hang on their wall or place on their bedside table, they cherish it for a long time. But, how to make sure that the photograph you are choosing is the right one?

This blog discusses some factors you should consider before gifting someone a photograph.

Two home decor prints on a bedroom wall

1- Consider the Event

Before giving someone a photograph, you should always consider the event. Is it Christmas, their birthday, or are you just visiting them as a guest? Different kinds of pictures and frames would be ideal for different events.

For example, a snow globe photo frame would make a clever gift for Christmas, whereas an acrylic or metallic printed photograph would work for a non-specific visit.

2- Consider the Quality

Not all kinds of prints are equally lively. And if you’re giving a photograph as a gift, you would want it to be as lively and cheerful as possible. You would also want the materials to last.

Hence, you have to choose a durable material and one that has a good print quality. The good news is that acrylic block prints match this description exactly. Their distinctive look and substantial appearance also make them perfect for a gift.

3- Choose the Right Scenery

We all know that gifts are more than just free objects. Gifts have meaning. They’re a way to let the recipient know that you care about them. When a gift aligns with the recipient’s personality and preferences, they perceive you as a considerate and thoughtful gift-giver.

This implies that no objectively good scenery would make a good gift for everyone. You need to consider everything from the person’s music choice to their age while choosing the right photograph for a person.

If you don’t know enough about the person, it’s not the end of the world. You can go with something universally beautiful, like a colorful natural photograph.

Another thing to consider while choosing the photograph is the location of the frame. If it’s a bedside frame, a picture of the night sky, the moon, or something related to the nighttime would be a better choice, whereas pictures of the beach and nature would work better for hanging frames.

4- Choose an Original Photograph

Choosing a unique and original photograph would make the gift all the more meaningful. Original photographs bought from the photographer are also of much higher quality than freely available photographs.

A photograph can be quite an elegant and delightful gift if you choose everything about the photograph carefully.

A home wall-mounted frame on the wall of a room alongside furniture

But do you know what goes well with every occasion, relation, and are original as none else? Wildlife photography art prints or nature photography paintings!

At Beach Samurai, we have a gorgeous collection of quality nature photography prints that go well with every room, every event, and no one can resist the magic of nature brought to a place!

Visit our website to order the nature photography poster of your choice online! Surprise your loved ones by gifting them anything out of our nature photography gallery.


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Clever Ways to Make Your Living Room More Contemporary

By Beach Samurai

A clean, modern, and minimalist living room with earth-toned furniture, white walls, natural lighting, plants, and limited décor.

A clean, modern, and minimalist living room with earth-toned furniture, white walls, natural lighting, plants, and limited décor.

Living room upgrades and décor can be hard to make, especially with all the different trends, design, and décor options and practices that are out there. However, one design approach that remains timeless, relevant, fresh, and actually fairly simple is contemporary décor.

While it’s hard to define contemporary décor since it’s quite versatile and can mean different things, the focus is generally on more simple, subtle, and somewhat minimalist values. Anything can be contemporary so long as it’s current, but how do you channel that into your living room? Here are some simple and effective ways:

Geometric décor pieces and fixtures

Geometric shapes have almost become synonymous with contemporary décor and design. That’s mainly because they tend to have that unique design while still having the clean lines and understated features that are so characteristic of contemporary décor. You can invest in geometric planters, lighting fixtures, candle stands, and more.

The classic, statement floor lamp

How often have you looked at an image or guide for contemporary décor and noticed that one standalone statement lamp? Lighting is an important part of any décor setup, and a statement lamp is a perfect fix for that. You can upcycle an old lamp you already own or even a thrifted one. It’s a fun and easy project to take on and definitely one of the cheapest ways to make your space more contemporary.

A framed photo of Mt. Fuji at Inamuragasaki, which is perfect for use in living room decor.

A striking print or photo on the wall

Of course, every contemporary living room also needs that statement art piece. We recommend investing in a great framed photo print that is both striking and modern so that it can be placed on your main wall as a statement piece. You can choose photographs that complement the overall color scheme and theme you have going or pick out something that totally stands out and looks absolutely fantastic as a focal point.

An alternative approach would be to create a gallery wall using various sized prints and frames and giving your space a very chic, modern look. Mix and match different images, or choose photos from the same series for a more cohesive look, and you’ll have the perfect gallery wall!

Your living room shouldn’t just look like a photo from a magazine. It’s a personal space, and the best way to decorate it is through personal touch. You can order coffee table books on Japan and Mauritius or some of our beautiful nature photography art prints, tapestries, and other décor products to truly enhance the visuals and make the space unique to you.

Our online store has a wide variety of landscape photography prints, including acrylic and metal, framed posters, and more that you can order. Feel free to check out everything we have in stock and order the perfect images for your home.


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Creating An Art Wall Step By Step

By seo service

Creating An Art Wall Step By Step
Creating An Art Wall Step By Step

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Cardinal Rules of Wall Décor Everyone Should Know

By Beach Samurai

A couple of wall art print decorations

Are you someone who loves decorating your house? Do you want to cover your wall with photography art prints or photo frames? If yes, then let us guide you through the process!

This blog discusses some cardinal rules of wall décor that everyone should know.

A couple of wall art print decorations

1- The Rule of 60-40 Wall Decor

We understand that there are many amazing wall décor items available in the market, and you might get tempted to cover your wall with them.

But that’s not the way to do it!

An important general rule of thumb is that you should leave forty percent of the wall area blank. You can cover the other sixty percent with various wall décors. The same rule also applies when hanging a wall painting or a combination of wall paintings above your sofa or couch. The wall painting should be sixty percent or less than the width of the sofa or couch.

2- The Rule of Eye Level Focus

Another important rule of wall décor is the rule of eye-level focus. But how exactly does this rule work?

As the name suggests, the rule of eye-level focus states that when you’re hanging wall paintings, photo frames, wall hangings, or any other kind of wall décor, you should always place them on eye level.

But how to determine eye level as people have different heights? One hundred forty-five centimeters is considered the standard eye-level position height for any wall décor item. The center of the painting or photograph should be 145 centimeters from the ground. For a collection of wall paintings, the centerpiece should be 145 centimeters from the ground, and you should hang the other paintings around it.

3- The Rule of Odd Numbers

You might be surprised to hear this, but a rule is also present for the number of wall decorations you should add to your wall.

According to the odd number rule, you should always use one, three, five, or more items to decorate a wall. You should always avoid decorating your wall with two, four, six, or more pieces.

The formation of this rule revolves around the idea that objects present in odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye. Following this rule would make your wall the focal point of the room.

4- The Rule of Perfect Position

Although there is no specific study to determine which positions are considered ideal for hanging wall decoration items, there are some principles you can follow in this regard.

One of the most attractive positions to hang wall decoration is the wall that faces the entrance door. You can also place a wall decoration item on the wall that is near the couch or sofa. However, you should avoid placing wall décor pieces on walls that already have some element of attraction, like the TV or window.

A bedroom with a home-wall mounted picture above the bed

Buy Home Decor Prints Online

Now that you’re well aware of the principles of wall décor, it’s time for you to bring out your creative side and display it on the wall.

At Beach Samurai, we have a collection of nature wall-mounted wall-papers that would look great on your wall.

Visit our website to order nature photography posters for your wall, and let us deliver them to your doorstep!




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Making Your Studio a Creatively Stimulating Space

By Beach Samurai

Lighting set-up inside an otherwise bare and empty studio space

Lighting set-up inside an otherwise bare and empty studio space.

While a partially empty studio may be essential for certain types of creative work, such as photography and videography, it's still important to have some sort of stimulation and visually appealing content around your spaces.

That's because we often require stimulators and inspiration to get past creative blocks and tap into our internal inspiration. Having visually appealing and mentally stimulating additions in your home office or studio can boost your creativity significantly, and here's how you can achieve that:

Add more natural elements

Plants, flowers, and aromatics are the easiest natural elements you can add to a studio space. They're perfect for putting you at ease, bringing in more color and vibrance, and creating an environment that fosters more free-thinking. It's also great for improving ventilation, given that many studios tend to be quite closed off. There are plenty of indoor varieties that require little to no maintenance apart from watering and some exposure to natural light, so it'll be the perfect, low-effort addition to make.

A close-up view of a corner in a studio featuring a chair, rack, candlestand, plant, and bare walls.

Have the right lighting inside

Speaking of free-thinking, did you know that lighting can play a huge role in how creative you are? We'd think that the brighter the light, the better the productivity and creativity, but evidence suggests the opposite. Dimmer lighting is not only more relaxing, but it's also linked to increased creativity since it has a liberating effect. It's like having the cover of darkness to truly let go and be free with your exploration and creative expression, so why not give it a try?

Play with wall art and photography

They say even the walls have eyes, but we believe that walls also have souls. Barren, empty walls are a roadblock to creativity and can leave you feeling bored, uninspired, and trapped. This sounds like a recipe for disaster when you're trying to create something worthwhile

However, you can spruce things up with some great wall art and photo prints. You can hang gorgeous landscape photography on different walls, especially those that your eyes are naturally drawn to as you work. Visually appealing, stimulating, and incredible to look at, it's just what you need to make your space a hub of inspiration.

When trying to make your studio more visually stimulating, a great addition to make are some of our coffee table books on Japan and Mauritius, or the breathtaking nature photography art prints, tapestries, and other visually appealing images that we have in stock.

Our online store features incredible landscape photography on acrylic and metal prints, framed posters, and even tapestries that you can order for your studio or workspace. You'll have an incredible variety of products to choose from, and we're happy to help you find the perfect ones!



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The Psychological Benefits of Adding Images to Your Home

By seo service

The Psychological Benefits of Adding Images to Your Home

You're not alone if you feel more emotionally and mentally relaxed and generally happier when surrounded by beautiful images. There are actually several proven psychological and emotional benefits of adding photos, prints, artwork, and different types of images to our spaces.

Here are some of the biggest psychological benefits of being surrounded by beautiful and impactful images and photos:

Images stimulate your brain's cognitive functions

It's interesting to learn about how our brain's cognitive functions become more active when exposed to stimuli like art and photography. You'll get sharper, more creative, and feel more alert, which is an incredible effect. This is both physiological and psychological as blood flow to your brain increases as well, so it's definitely worth investing in images that stimulate you this way.

Different colors also have certain mental effects

This isn't new information, but colors impact our psychology a lot more than we realize. Some envoke feelings of happiness, while others calm us down, and certain colors make us more creative. The right blend of hues and tones can impact your mental and emotional state and stimulate us to feel and even think in a particular way.

A woman looks calm and relaxed as she stands outside soaking up the evening sun.

Photos of nature help with emotions and memory

Did you know that being around can help with emotional regulation and memory too? But did you also know that even looking at images of nature can have similar effects! As surprising as it is, it's also fascinating to know that our brains can't differentiate between images and being in nature. The more images you add to your spaces, the likelier you feel your memory getting sharper and your emotions regulating, and who wouldn't want that?

They can help you feel more relaxed and calmer

Looking at visually appealing images can also trigger a sense of relaxation and calm that are impossible to miss out on. After being tired, stressed, or just winding down after a long day, images of beaches, mountains, and other natural landscapes can help you feel calmer and trigger an almost meditative response for most people. These images are a great idea for your bedroom or living room or even your office!

Enjoy an instant boost of dopamine and serotonin with the most beautiful images of lakes, mountains, beaches, and other landscape and nature photography for your home. It's the secret to pure, unadulterated joy!

You can invest in some gorgeous nature photography prints and various other frames and photos, nature wall décor, and more online, through our website. You can order what you like, and we'll deliver it to your doorstep. Many of our products also come framed so you can save time and effort and put them up directly. You can also shop for tapestries and coffee table books that are perfect ways to add more photos and images to your spaces.





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